31 May 2022

Advantages of Living in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, situated in the geographic center of Bangladesh and serving as the nation’s capital, is literally the beating heart of the country, the pulse of which resonates throughout the whole country, defining what it means to be a Bangladeshi. It’s possible that reading magazine articles about Dhaka frequently ranking towards the bottom of the list of the world’s least livable cities has left you wondering why anyone in their sane mind would want to live here. But what those articles don’t tell you is why, despite housing almost 20 million people with limited resources, thousands of people continue to move to this city of dreams every day. Living in Dhaka may have its share of drawbacks, but the opportunities, the diversity, the glamour, and the lifestyle make it a one-of-a-kind experience that is well worth the hustle. Dhaka’s unique features may go unnoticed by its residents since they have been taking those privileges for granted. But it’s not until we look more closely that we see how convenient life can be in Dhaka. Considering all the benefits, Dhaka continues to be the best city to live in Bangladesh. Here are a few of the advantages of living in Dhaka. Before you start packing, have a look at this article!

The Center for all Administrative Purposes

The first and foremost of all other factors for considering living in Dhaka is that it is the administrative center of Bangladesh. Due to being the capital of the country, almost all governmental divisions and institutions are headquartered in Dhaka. Therefore, in order to complete the tasks associated with any government agency or to process your official paperwork, you will need to travel to Dhaka. Since the National Assembly and the secretariat are both in Dhaka, all the policy-making happens here. This makes it a good place to live if your job has anything to do with policymaking. Even all the banks and financial institutions have their headquarters here, so if you work in the financial or economic sector of the country, you will frequently need to travel to Dhaka. So why not just move to Dhaka permanently, and save yourself from the trouble of frequent traveling.

Most Career Prospects

Since power and the economy are centralized in Dhaka, most businesses and corporations, whether they are national or international, are based there. This suggests that there are a lot of career prospects in this city. There are numerous small and medium-sized businesses and institutions where you can work, depending on your skills and expertise. For the more ambitious bunch, there are plenty of possibilities to climb up the ladder if you know where to look for. Because the metropolitan area is constantly expanding in size and population, there are hundreds of work possibilities for professionals from a wide range of fields, including engineering, health, science, technology, business, economics, and law. As an added bonus, Dhaka pays more than any other city in Bangladesh because it’s where the money is. The city of Dhaka boasts a wide variety of occupations in international firms that provide hefty amounts of wages to their employees. Moreover, Dhaka is the city to go to if you want to start or run a business. Even for entrepreneurs, Dhaka is the best place to start because of its vast population size.

Modern Housing Facility

Until very recently, modern infrastructure developments in Bangladesh had mostly been concentrated within Dhaka. As a result, this capital city is home to a large number of well-planned residential zones and contemporary housing facilities. Although not all neighborhoods of this city are exactly picturesque in terms of planned housing, there are areas that will surely top the list of most modern residential places in South Asia. Name a few of the neighborhoods to live in Dhaka are Dhanmondi, Banani, Gulshan, Bashundhara R/A, etc. If you’ve been considering making a move to Dhaka, it’s easy to get an excellent home with the most up-to-date amenities in these neighborhoods.  Dhaka is the only place in Bangladesh where you can enjoy such luxuries and benefits.

Best Educational Institutes

A primary concern for any family with children is finding a high-quality school that can properly educate their children. Who wouldn’t want their kids to attend the greatest school possible? And where else except Dhaka can you find the best schooling for your children? Numerous schools and colleges in this city have constantly been ranked among the best in the country for both Bangla and English-based curriculums. Among those country-topping institutes, a few are Rajuk Uttara Model College, Dhaka Residential Model College, Ideal School, and College, Holy Cross School, and College, Notre Dame College, St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, Dhaka College, Dhaka City College, Adamjee Cantonment School, Sunnydale, Sunbeams, Scholastica, Academia, etc. Even two of Bangladesh’s most prestigious universities, Dhaka University and the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), are sources of pride for Dhaka city. It is no wonder why many families opt to shift to Dhaka only to ensure the best schooling facility for their children. 

Technological Hub

Being the first metropolitan of the country, Dhaka has been the hub for all types of technological advancements. Residents of Dhaka have the unique privilege of always being the first in Bangladesh to experience cutting-edge technology or innovation. The best and fastest internet facility is available in Dhaka, while other cities in the country are still lagging behind. Moreover, almost all technological facilities of the country are operated from here. Dhaka’s ICT sector has grown dramatically in the previous decade, competing with all major South Asian megacities.


When it comes to connecting the country’s people, Dhaka is in a unique position because of its geographically central location. Dhaka is well connected to the rest of Bangladesh by an extensive network of roads and highways. You can access any district or upazilla by direct bus services from Sayedabad or Gabtoli of Dhaka city. Besides highways, while the northern and eastern regions of Bangladesh are well connected with Dhaka through the railway system, the southern part is linked with the capital through riverine transport. Even the internal transportation in Dhaka is surprisingly affordable, with options including buses, C.N.G. autorickshaws, private cars, and rickshaws all readily accessible. Almost all the major flyovers in the country have been built in Dhaka to help ease traffic jams. Besides this, Dhaka is the home to Bangladesh’s busiest airport, Shahjalal International Airport, which is connected through routine flights to all the other airports in the country. Almost all major international airlines operate flights to Dhaka from nearly every major city on the globe.

The Diversity

In any capital city around the world, you will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of cultures from all over the globe. Although Bangladesh is not a hub in terms of multinational aspects, Dhaka is still home to diverse people from all regions of the country. Whether it’s on the street or on the bus, you’ll meet new people every day and learn about the subtle cultural differences among the different regions of the country. Moving to Dhaka is also advantageous for people looking to expand their professional network. Getting to know individuals from diverse backgrounds and with similar interests is easier in Dhaka than in any other city in Bangladesh. If you have planned to make a move to Dhaka and buy a flat of your own, read this article to have a head start on the important things to check before buying a flat in Dhaka.

Access to Regular Commodities

Having quick access to basic necessities is an important component of being a modern citizen. If you’re looking to live in a city that has easy access to all of the essentials, Dhaka is the best option in Bangladesh. There are grocery stores on every goli or street and shopping malls in every neighborhood, so you won’t have trouble getting the things you need. Compared to any other capital city around the globe, Dhaka is way cheaper for shopping purposes. There are wholesale markets like Chawkbazar or Islampur, clothing markets like Bongo Market and New Market, and high-end shopping places like Jamuna Future Park or Bashundhara City Complex to serve the shopping needs of its residents.

Best Healthcare Facility

Health care services in Bangladesh are heavily concentrated in Dhaka due to the country’s overall centralization. Even though there are hospitals in every district, unless you have a very common illness like a cold or fever, you’ll need to go to Dhaka for treatment. Dhaka is home to some of the best public and private healthcare institutions in the country, including the Dhaka Medical College, Shaheed Shuhrawardy Medical College, Sir Salimullah Medical College, BIRDEM, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Square Hospital, United Hospital, and Labaid Hospital, among others. Most of the country’s leading specialists are based in Dhaka. So, if you want the best care for yourself and your family, Dhaka is without a doubt the best city in the country.

Food Heaven for Foodies 

For those who want to try new food items every weekend, Dhaka is the place to call home. Dazzling cuisine options abound in the country’s capital, which has over a thousand restaurants and cafes to choose from. Puran Dhaka is the place to go if you’re looking for authentic Bengali and Mughal dishes like biriyani and kacchi. There are restaurants all over the city where you can get western foods like burgers or pizzas. But to find the most excellent places, you will need to go to Banani or Dhanmondi, where the food items are usually on the expensive side. Besides restaurants, Dhaka is well-known for its street food items. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you may indulge in delicacies like fuchka, chatpati, jhalmuri, and bhelpuri. 

Hub for Cultural Activities

Dhaka is the place to go if your passion is in arts, including theater, music, painting, and film. If you’re an artist, you’ll need to travel to Dhaka to pursue your goals and grow your career. Living outside of Dhaka limits your ability to interact with a broader group of audience. Film production in Bangladesh is headquartered at the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) in Dhaka. As a result, Dhaka is heaven for artistic minds. 

Recreational Facilities

Leisure and recreation are essential to maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. Dhaka has many places to serve that purpose. There are a plethora of options for family outings on the weekends. The National Museum in Shahbag, the National Zoo in Mirpur, as well as the Novo-Theater, the Military Museum, the Air Force Museum, and the Liberation War Museum in Agargaon are very popular recreational spots for families and friends. You may also visit Ramna park, the Shuhrawardy Uddan, the Dhanmondi lake, or Gulshan lake if you like to be in nature. With your friends, you can visit one of the several cineplexes in the city, such as Star Cineplex, Jamuna Blockbuster, Shyamoli Square, or Bolaka, to enjoy a movie.


In the middle of all the hustle and bustle of a metropolis, Dhaka often struggles to find its long-lost prestige from the British era. Although it is a chaotic metro, it acts as the country’s lifeline, making its citizens romanticize it once in a while. Dhaka is a city that has something to offer everyone, making it an incredible location to start a career, build a family, and embark on the next stage of your life.


Is Dhaka a good place for education?

Ans: Dhaka is home to several of the country’s best schools, making it an excellent choice for raising your kids.

For a first-time visitor, what are the best places to live in Dhaka?

Ans: If you’re looking for the best neighborhoods to live in Dhaka, consider Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, or Bashundhara R/A.

How much does it cost to live in Dhaka?

Ans: Dhaka’s cost of living is lower than that of any other megacity in the world.

Which is the best way to live in Dhaka, renting or buying?

Ans: In order to make an informed decision in Dhaka’s scenario, read this article about renting vs. buying in Dhaka.

How hard is it to access regional cities from Dhaka?

Ans: Inter-regional transportation has never been better than it is now because of massive infrastructure development over the previous two decades.

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