21 September 2022

Flat for Sale in Dhaka: Best Ongoing Projects of Mir Real Estate

The real estate sector is currently one of the most promising sectors of Bangladesh’s economy. The flourishing real estate market of Bangladesh has proven to be a safe space for investors. Whether you are interested in buying or selling your property, the right time for that is now. Securing a shelter for the future or maintaining a cash flow for good and many more reasons can be stated in favor of investing in the real estate business. To ease your journey, a large number of real estate agencies and companies have been mushrooming over the last few decades and many have gained to be the most trusted and safest go-to place for investors. Mir Real Estate has definitely been on top of the game since 2006, securing its position by ensuring high-quality services and expertise.

Mir Real Estate, a leader in infrastructural construction in Bangladesh, has established its excellent record by providing top-notch and functional spaces combining modern architecture with the latest technological approaches. The infrastructure development projects of Mir group reflect its construction excellence and extraordinary expertise. Aiming for top-notch quality over quantity, Mir Real Estate has undertaken a total of 27 infrastructure projects which serve as a testament to the company’s marvelous services. Among all the projects, fourteen projects are ready, eight projects are ongoing and five projects are due to be inaugurated soon. 

The ongoing projects of Mir Real Estate have already become tempting targets for existing and potential real estate investors. Being constructed in the best possible locations of the biggest metropolitan of Bangladesh, the apartment complexes and commercial infrastructures of the ongoing projects of Mir Real Estate have offered everything an investor may look for. The luxurious amenities of the apartments and neighborhood advantages have made the largest impact in attracting investments from enthusiasts. 

If you are looking to invest in real estate in the capital city, Dhaka, and are determined to go for the best options there are, the ongoing projects of Mir Real Estate are exactly for your benefit. This article aims to provide thorough knowledge on the ongoing projects of Mir Real Estate so that you can sensibly decide to choose the most suitable one and grab yours while the chance is still available. 

Best Flats for Sale in Dhaka

Mir Nahar’s Dale


Mir Nahar’s Dale, a lucrative project, is being constructed in one of the ancient parts of Dhaka city that is Mohammadpur. Mohammadpur has its own history of glory and has served as one of the best residential areas for a very long time. The advantages of living in Mohammadpur are many. These include the broad streets and avenues, homely neighborhoods, public transportation, renowned educational institutions, and entertainment facilities. The neighborhood for residency must come into discussion at first. A large number of good apartment complexes are situated here, making the area a safe place to live and socialize with a well-cultured community. Public bus services such as BRTC, Torongo, Malancha, etc. have been providing necessary facilities for cheap and fast transportation for the inhabitants of Mohammadpur. Some of the most famous educational institutions of Bangladesh are located here such as Mohammadpur Preparatory Higher Secondary School, St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, Dhaka Residential Model College, and many more. To top it all, Mohammadpur is famous for its facilities of entertainment accommodating a number of shopping complexes, markets, restaurants, and a wide range of street food carts. Mohammadpur is insanely hyped for its street foods and is an attractive destination for all types of food enthusiasts. 

Being built in such an enticing location, Mir Nahar’s Dale has ticked all the boxes any investor might be interested in. The exact location of the complex is Plot# 6/11, Block #B of Humayun Road, Mohammadpur. On an area of 4 Katha, this east-facing building is being constructed to accommodate eight units within eight floors, excluding the ground floor. The size of each unit is 1,500 square feet and includes all the facilities of a luxurious flat such as tiled floors and baths, spacious kitchen and balcony, tight security, international standard lifts, cylinder gas connection, personalized electric meter, etc. The project is dated to be completed within July 2024 and will be handed over to the buyer then. The flats are still up for grabs till then, and as an investor, this might be exactly what you are looking for. 

Mir Jahan-e-Nur

Flat for sale in dhaka: MIR JAHAN-E-NUR

Mir Jahan-e-Nur is being built at South Kafrul, an attractive location in the capital city, Dhaka. As a residential area, South Kafrul has several benefits to offer. The trump card among those is the security of this location. Situated adjacent to the Dhaka Cantonment, the safety, and security of this area are top-notch compared to any other place in Dhaka city. Aside from this, South Kafrul has a number of commercial buildings, markets and shopping centers, a cinema hall, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities. A number of good educational institutions are also situated here such as St. Vincent De Paul Primary School, South Point School, and College, etc. Public transportation services such as buses, rickshaws, etc., all are available for the residents of this neighborhood. For those who are in search of a secured and calm neighborhood with all the amenities for a standard lifestyle, South Kafrul is the answer to all of their demands.

Mir Jahan-e-Nur offers luxurious flats in this calmly neighborhood for residency. This apartment complex is built in a 6.55 Katha area and is faced northwest. A total of 16 units within eight floors, excluding the ground floor and basement for parking facilities, are being constructed that accommodate the finest amenities. The units are two types and are sized 1,135 square feet and 1,175 square feet. The amenities include tiled floors, standard quality sanitary wares in washrooms, a spacious kitchen, a double burner gas outlet, a solid wooden door frame, cc camera for security, car parking space, etc. The construction process is expected to be completed within July of 2024 and will be ready to be handed over to the buyer. The flats are available to potential clients till then.

Mir Parul Legacy

flat for sale in dhaka: Mir Parul Legacy

Mir Parul Legacy is located in one of the finest residential areas of Dhaka city. The exact location of this apartment complex is plot #14, road #12, K block of Baridhara residential area. Baridhara provides a series of top-grade living facilities. This area is adjacent to embassies, foreign exchange offices, and many other commercial and diplomatic spaces. So, naturally, the security of this area is unquestionably high and all the streets are well monitored 24/7. Baridhara has several numbers of high-quality educational institutions, markets, shopping complexes, and entertainment centers. A good number of hospitals such as United Hospital, Baridhara General Hospital, etc. are also situated here for healthcare facilities. Local transportation facilities are absent here due to tight security but the main roads are within walking distance, so the residents do not have to take much trouble. For a clean and secured environment along with top facilities for living, Baridhara is one of the greatest options to go for.

Mir Parul Legacy is constructed on 5.24 Katha land in Baridhara residential area. The south-faced building is comprised of total of 7 units on seven floors, excluding the ground floor. Each unit is of type: A and is sized 2,420 square feet. Each flat provides luxurious amenities including an imported wooden door frame, homogenous tiled floors, a double burner gas outlet with gas pipeline connection from TITAS, a video intercom system, international standard lifts, provision for a hot water line in the kitchen, etc. The project was dated to be completed within July 2021 and all the flats are already sold out due to the attractive features provided.

Mir Ar-Rahma

flat for sale in dhaka: Mir Ar-Rahma

Located in the poshest area of Dhaka, Mir Ar-Rahma has top-grade qualities to offer for a luxurious living standard. Mir Ar-Rahma is situated at house #29, road #30, block #CWS(B) in Gulshan, Dhaka. Gulshan can be specifically called the most expensive and best place to live in Dhaka. Being the location of almost all the foreign embassies, Gulshan is home to a large number of foreigners and diplomats. The security and cleanliness of this area are, thus, undoubtedly top-notch. International standard educational institutions, shopping centers, five-star hotels, great restaurants, clubs, and many more facilities are abundant in Gulshan. Not only this is one of the best places for residency, but it is also a hub for commercial centers for top companies in the country. In brief, Gulshan has everything to offer for a lavish and serene lifestyle.

Mir Ar-Rahma matches the standard of its location by providing luxurious amenities. This south-faced building is constructed on an area of 10.5 Katha. There are two basements for parking facilities, the ground floor, Mezzanine floor, and 10 floors in total in this complex. Type A units of 3,900 square feet are ten in number. The facilities of these flats are amazingly unmatched and include glazed ceramic tiled floors, bathtubs in bathrooms, separate lines for hot and cold water, gas pipeline connection, a central water purifier system, a reflection pool, children’s play area on the ground floor, fitness center and community hall in Mezzanine floor,  standard PABX telephone system, and many more. The project was dated to be finished within July 2020 and is being handed over to the buyers. There is still availability for potential buyers to invest in such deluxe flats which can be the best decision for the seeker of a magnificent lifestyle.

Sohela’s Mir Crescendo

Sohela's Mir Crescendo 

Sohela’s Mir Crescendo is one of the most luxurious projects undertaken by Mir Real Estate. The location of this complex is at Baridhara Residential Area, Plot No. 31, Sarawardi Avenue, Block – K. Baridhara is undeniably one of the best areas to live in. With high-quality facilities for all aspects of life, the Baridhara neighborhood poses to be the dream of every homeowner. This grand project of Mir Real Estate is a reflection of the union of comfort and balance of life. 

Sohela’s Mir Crescendo offers every luxurious urban facility any home buyer looks for. Built on an 8.16 katha area, this east-faced building contains 7 units within 8 floors, excluding the ground floor and basement for parking. Each floor contains only one unit of 4,052 square feet. This unique plan facilitates spacious space for living with an affluent flow of natural light and fresh air. The apartment has unique features including a wooden home interior, importer sanitary wares, glazed ceramic tiles, provision for air conditioning and geyser, etc. The complex provides amazing amenities too, such as a fully equipped gymnasium, swimming pool on the rooftop, granite floor on the ground floor, etc. The project is expected to be completed within March 2025 and is available for buyers to invest in. 

Mir Shohag Garden

Mir Shohag Garden

Mir Shohag Garden is situated at house #71 of Manipuri Para. Manipuri Para is located adjacent to Farmgate, one of the main center points of Dhaka. This area is also situated right beside the National Parliament House, making it one of the most important locations in the capital. Manipuri Para has a very calm and peaceful neighborhood along with clean streets. All the facilities for a standard lifestyle are offered here. Renowned educational institutions nearby, marketplaces, clubs, community centers, playgrounds, etc. are within the neighborhood. For those who require homes to buy within a reasonable price range and good facilities, Manipuri Para is the perfect place for them.

Mir Shohag Garden is an east-facing building built in the 11 Katha area. The building consists of a single basement, and ground floor along with 7 individual floors. There is a total of 28 units of approximately 1,100-1,340 square feet range. The parking area consists of spaces for 28 spots. The amenities include pest control facilities,  international standard lifts, glazed homogenous tiled floors, the false ceiling on the ground floor, a double burner gas outlet, WASA water supply, cloth drying facilities at rooftops, etc. The completion of this project was expected in October 2019 and all the flats are already sold out due to the extreme demand.

Mir Daisy

Flat for sale in dhaka: Mir Daisy

Mir Daisy is situated at 216, East Kafrul at house #215. Adjacent to the Dhaka Cantonment, the security of this area is top-notch compared to other locations in Dhaka city. The maintenance of traffic and social security is ongoing 24/7 here at East Kafrul. The facilities for educational institutions, markets places, and entertainment facilities such as shopping centers, clubs, cinema halls, etc. are also of high quality. For a serene neighborhood with standard lifestyle facilities, East Kafrul provides the best of these requirements for a homeowner. 

Mir Daisy is being constructed on an area of 9.45 Katha and is faced northeast. There are eight floors excluding the ground floor consisting of a total of 24 units. The sizes of the units are approximately 1,185 and 1,252 square feet range. The special features and amenities include car parking space, international standard lifts, spacious kitchen and balcony, glazed tiled floors, tiled bathrooms, wide entrance gate, individual room for the caretaker, electromechanical room, gas outlet, etc. The project is expected to be completed and handed over within 2022 and a few flats are available to purchase for potential investors.

Mir Sanarc Rise

Flat for sale in dhaka: MIR SANARC RISE

Mir Sanarc Rise is a commercial infrastructure project of Mir Real Estate. Located in the industrial hub of Dhaka, the Tejgaon area, Mir Sanarc Rise is expected to be one of the top-ranked commercial buildings in Tejgaon. The exact location of this infrastructure is at Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Sarani, Tejgaon. Tejgaon is famous for being a central location for many industries and commercial buildings. Many headquarters of renowned business and commercial corporations are situated here. 

Mir Sanarc Rise is a mega project being built to provide a healthy work environment for tenants and sustainable design for the betterment of work life. This project focuses on low water and energy consumption by using sustainable construction materials and increasing the usage of natural light in a planned way. Being constructed on 40 Katha land, this commercial building is north-west faced and comprises 12 floors along with 4 basements and a ground floor. The building area comprises 2,83,436 square feet with each individual unit being sized approximately 3,000-30,000 square feet. The highlights of this mega infrastructure are 220 car parking spots, a rooftop helipad, a BMS building management system, 24-hour security, a marvelous entry view along with raised podium, etc. The amenities include tiled floors, glazed tiles bathrooms, hot water lines, tempered glass doors, central air conditioning, good quality imported electrical material, etc. The project is expected to be completed within June 2026 and available for booking for office spaces.


Mir Real Estate’s ongoing projects are the best choices out there for an existing or potential investor to invest in the real estate market. The advantages these projects offer over any other construction projects in the real estate market are unmatched in quality and price. A potential homeowner or buyer of commercial spaces should go for these projects without any doubt. 


How many residential projects are ongoing under Mir Real Estate Limited?

Ans. Mir Real Estate currently offering 7 ongoing flats for sale in Dhaka. 

How many commercial projects are ongoing under Mir Real Estate Limited?

Ans. One commercial project is ongoing. 

Why should an investor choose Mir Real Estate for property investment? 

Ans. Mir Real Estate offers the most trustworthy as well as personalized consultancy for a potential investor. The projects of the Mir group are of top quality and the best out there. 

Which areas are best for residency in Dhaka? 

Ans. Follow this article to know about the best areas in Dhaka for residential purposes.

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