20 February 2022

Frequents Mistakes That New Homeowners Make in Dhaka

Buying a home is a daunting task. You have to be very cautious of every step you take while purchasing your first home. The entire process is a big learning curve for a new homeowner, and the curve continues even after closing the deal. Once you finish your legal procedures of purchasing a new home, the task of designing your home according to your need begins. You need to carefully make decisions about the layouts of your rooms, electronic system, and color of the walls. Your decision regarding the interior design of your home will dictate your future satisfaction. However, the new buyers often fail to think about the future needs and make rushed decisions regarding their homes. One small mistake becomes a bone in the throat for new homeowners in the long run. Here’s a highlighted list of mistakes to avoid as a new homeowner.

Floor Plan

The floor plan of your home is one of the most significant decisions that you will make after closing the deal. The layout of your home will decide how much space you will get in each room. To avoid mistakes as a new homeowner while fixing your floor plan, here are a few key points you should be mindful of. 

Plan According to Lifestyle

Usually, in Bangladesh, the family consists of four to five members, including the parents and children. The floorplan has to cater to the lifestyle of each of the family members who will occupy a room. For example, if your family has teen-aged members, they are likely to wish for a separate room with a separate washroom. The older members of the family may wish for an attached balcony with their room. The kids may wish for a large sitting room where they will be spending most of their time. As a homeowner, you need to take into consideration all the personal preferences of yourself and your family members before finalizing your floor plan. 

Renovate Responsibly

New homeowners are often eager to renovate the entire space for their own benefit. However, they often think as per their short-term needs and fail to see the long-term impact of their renovation decisions. For example, you may wish to have an extra-large master bedroom. To create the extra space for your master bedroom, you cut down spaces from adjacent rooms. However, in the future, when your family grows, you realize that you require that extra space that you initially cut down. It is common that people bring down walls of their homes and renovate after a few years to cater to the demand of other family members. This is not only expensive but also ruins the entire layout of the flat. However, it can easily be avoided if you take your renovation decision thinking about the future and maintain a certain universal design.


If your home is in an urban area, you are likely to be surrounded by other buildings. Most of the houses in Dhaka and Chattogram do not receive ample natural light due to the obstruction from other adjacent buildings. If the inside of your house stays dark, it is detrimental to both physical and mental health. While choosing a floor plan, ensure enough light and ventilation for your room. Design large windows that will allow enough natural light and airflow. It will not only lighten up the entire room but will also help to keep your mind fresh.

The Color of Your Wall

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Once you enter a house, the first thing you notice is the color of the walls. The paint of the walls has the power to make a low-budget home look like a luxurious flat, or it can make a luxurious home look like a cheap flat. You need to be very careful before selecting a particular can of paint. The colors on the walls will paint not only your walls but also your personality as well. 

Most people choose various shades of white as one cannot go wrong with the color of white. It is a safe play. However, white makes the interior look bleak. While the choice of color highly depends on individual preferences, there are a few key aspects one should consider while choosing the color of the walls.

Test Before Committing

Do not pick a color from the store and paint your walls. It is always a good idea to buy a sample can first and apply it to your walls—test different colors before making your final choice.

Consider Adjacent Rooms

A common mistake while choosing the paint of walls is not considering the adjacent rooms. Your flat must have a cohesive color palette, and each wall should complement the other. There should be a mutual flow of colors among the walls. You must not choose drastically different shades of color for different walls.

Mood and Purpose

As a new homeowner, before deciding upon the colors of the walls, you should ask yourself what the purpose of the room is and what mood that room requires. For example, your sitting room serves the purpose of family gatherings and greeting guests. The room needs to maintain a light mood. Hence, you should pick a light and cheerful color for the sitting room of your home. If you have young members in your family, they will want something colorful on their walls. Hence, it is a good idea to paint the different rooms to the preference of the family members who will occupy the room. 

Natural Light 

Another key aspect of painting your interior is the natural lighting. The natural light will highlight the truest color of the walls. If your home has large windows and receives ample daylight, you can choose a slightly darker shade that will absorb the natural light just enough to give your interior a calming look. However, you should also consider at what time you will use the room. If you mostly use the room at night, you can choose colors that will allow you to set the mood with the help of electronic lights.


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The flooring is another key part of designing your new home. You will put your foot on the tiles you decide on for the rest of your lives. Hence, you should be very careful about choosing the types of tiles you will choose for your flat. A common mistake that the new homeowners make is that they pick relatively cheaper tiles for their homes. However, in the long run, this decision proves to be a headache. Cheap tiles will not last long and are likely to break upon the impact of slightly heavyweight objects. Another issue with cheap tiles is that they are made with cheap materials. In winter, cheap tiles will become wet and stay colder for a longer period. To avoid such problems, new homeowners must install tiles of great quality in their homes. Tiles are long time investment. As your body will be in physical touch with this part of the house, you should pick the best quality. 

The color and design are other important aspects of flooring. The color of the tiles must compliment the color of the house. If the walls are bright, the tiles should be of a darker shade. On the contrary, if the walls are of a darker shade, the tiles should be of a lighter shade of color. Currently, there are various types of designs available for tiles. You can pick a design as per your own taste. However, you should keep in mind that the tiles of your home should provide a calming sense. So, you should pick a design that is easy and pleasant on the eyes.


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The poor plumbing system is an issue all over the world. If the plumbing system is not up to par, it will malfunction after some time. When that occurs, you will need to fix it regularly. This will become a matter of great concern and discomfort for each member of the family. Oftentimes, new homeowners make the mistake of not properly checking the systems underneath the bricks. Buyers get so busy with the outer look of the house that they do not pay much heed to the plumbing system of the house. To avoid future issues, new homeowners must install the highest-grade material in their plumbing system that is durable and will last long in the future.

Electronic System

Modern-day homes are decorated with electronic appliances. There are numerous home appliances and electronic entertainment systems that have become a part of our daily lives. You need to ensure you have proper electrical lines set up across your home to power your electronic devices. Your home must have enough sockets and switches. You should choose the best quality materials to set up an electrical system.


The kitchen is one of the most integral parts of your home. The kitchen is responsible for your food. As the kitchen is directly connected to your food consumption, you must design your kitchen in such a manner that it only provides ample space to safely cook but also provides enough utilities to maintain proper hygiene. Your kitchen should have a cabinet system all around the ceiling that will provide ample space to keep all the cooking utensils. The burner should be set on open space, and around the burner, there should be enough space to freely move around. The kitchen should also have a very large sink. Another key element is a fire safety device. Ensure your kitchen features a fire safety device for emergencies.


The outside of the carpet area is also very important. Modern-day houses come with very small balconies. The urban area is already very congested. People feel congested and want to breathe freely after coming back home after work. However, small balconies make people feel more confined. Hence, it is important to ensure large open balconies. Large open balconies will not only allow you to breathe freely but will also provide the home with ample natural light. Further, the family members can sit on the balcony in the afternoon and spend family time over a cup of tea. 


After closing the deal, the daunting task of designing and shaping the home fall upon the homeowner. It is never easy to deal with numerous critical decisions at once. Hence, the homeowner should approach the task step by step. From deciding upon the layout to deciding the color of walls, the homeowner must think critically about the preferences of each family member and future possibilities. Only then will the homeowner avoid the mistakes that most new homeowners usually make.


How to find the optimum floor plan for my flat?

Ans: You can appoint an interior designer to set an optimum floor plan for your home. 

Where to find houses with large windows and balconies in Dhaka?

Ans: The houses built by Mir Real Estate features large windows and wide balconies in Dhaka. You can contact their salesperson to receive the catalog of their designs. 

How much renovation can I do to my flat?

Ans: You can renovate your house as much as you want without disturbing the core infrastructure of the building. 

Where can I find flats that feature a modern kitchen?

Ans: The flats from Mir Real Estate come with all the modern amenities. They are designed to cater the need to modern-day consumer needs. 

How to pick the right color for my apartment?

Ans: The right color for your home highly depends on your own taste and preferences. However, you can appoint an interior designer who will explore the best options for you according to your taste.

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