22 February 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Hire a Real Estate Agent in Dhaka

The desire to own a permanent roof over the head has always been a basic requirement of our human race. While evolving, we transitioned from nomads living in caves to building concrete structures in order to keep up with the passage of time and technology. Our needs and purposes change from generation to generation, but the goal of achieving the dignity of a permanent home has remained constant. People are increasingly choosing urban life over rural life as a result of incredible technological advancements, and owning a home in a city like Dhaka is a real challenge.

To overcome the frustration of searching for a perfect home according to specific tastes and preferences, real estate agents emerged as the saviors. Real estate agencies help consumers buy, sell, and rent properties like land, buildings, and houses. A real estate mediator or representative, commonly known as a real estate agent, provides the service representing the firms/agencies. A real estate agent assists potential homebuyers and sellers with sales and marketing. The list of reasons why you should have a real estate agent present during your home-buying or selling process is endless. 

Benefits of hiring a real estate agent in Dhaka

To begin with, in a large metropolis like Dhaka, the amount of accessible real estate properties for purchasing is enormous. With so many alternatives, it is nearly difficult for a first-time buyer to select the ideal property based on his or her preferences and budget on their own. If you try to accomplish everything on your own, it may feel like a full-time job. Even if you have chosen the ideal location on your own, you will still have to deal with negotiations and paperwork. For a perfect balance, urban life in Dhaka already requires juggling job and personal life. So, even though it is supposed to be the most valuable memories of one’s life, the quest for home amid these problems will feel like a disappointing experience. Not only will a real estate agent aid you in finding a budget-friendly home with a good neighborhood, but the stress of handling the documents and contacting the sellers will be reduced to half.

Therefore, hiring a real estate agent is without a doubt the best option for a time-saving, stress-free property buying experience in Dhaka, as well as avoiding being deceived in any form. It is an absolute must for a lasting and cherished memory of buying a home.

Hiring the best real estate agent to win the deal

Buying a house is a huge financial decision, and it’s one of the most important choices you will ever make. In this endeavor, a real estate agent can make or break a deal. Indeed, a real estate agent can be your biggest ally to ensure that the deal goes through. 

However, due to the large number of real estate agents to choose from, it is challenging to find the right one. Finding a real estate agent with the enthusiasm, personality, and effort you are looking for may make all the difference in your home-buying experience. On the contrary, due to an unqualified real estate agent, it might turn out to be a lot more stressful process than it should be. For this reason, the length of their career in the business or the amount of commission charged by them should not be the only factors while looking for an agent. You need to consider several other skillsets and factors that make them the best fit for you and your needs. Most likely, you’re wondering what to look for in a real estate agent whom you can rely on to satisfy these requirements. Read along and follow these guidelines on finding a real estate agent in Dhaka to make sure you hire a trustworthy and reliable one.

Getting referrals from your network

If you have not dealt with a real estate agent before, ask someone you trust, whether they are relatives, coworkers, or neighbors, for a recommendation. Those who have gone through the complete process of buying a home with the help of a real estate agent are likely to be a useful source of information for you. Moreover, agents who have worked with customers like you are the most preferred ones. Besides that, you will also be told if any of the candidates aren’t good enough so that you can avoid hiring them. There is, however, a great deal of research to be done even if an agent has been referred to you by someone you trust.

Consider the area of expertise

There are a large number of real estate agents available in Dhaka, but one thing to keep in mind is that each one has a certain area of expertise. For example, some may specialize in residential or commercial property, whereas others specialize in land or other real estates. Agents that specialize in dealing with first-time homeowners, veterans, investors, older citizens, luxury properties, and vacation homes are categorized as residential real estate agents. Hence, choose an agent with greater expertise in the kind of deal you are interested in.

Find an agent acquainted with the neighborhood

If you have a list of potential agents that you may work with, you should exclude those who are unfamiliar with the area where you wish to move into. Be certain to ask questions about the neighborhood during the in-person interviews to discover whether the agent is a local expert. An experienced local real estate agent may be worth your time and consideration since he has the highest chance of getting the finest offer in the area.

Research potential agents’ online presence

Once you’ve narrowed down your top candidates, social media is another great way to find an agent. This may not be considered to many as a good source for finding an agent, but it’s a strong indicator of how tech-savvy the agent is and how eager he is to give his services. It’s a good idea to check out the websites and active social media accounts of your possible real estate agents before making a final decision about hiring them. These platforms often include a list of prospective services you may get from him, as well as testimonials from prior clients. Compare the reviews. One or two unfavorable reviews aren’t a big deal, but more than that might be a warning sign. Besides, observe the pattern of the agent’s response to negative or neutral reviews since this may provide insight into the agent’s personality.

Check the agent’s references

When interviewing, request the agent to provide a list of previous clients with their contact information. Get in touch with those clients to learn more about their experience and what kind of help their agent gave, especially during negotiations. Calling previous customers may seem like an unnecessary effort, but you may receive a lot of information by speaking with actual clients who have dealt with the agent. They’ll probably be nice about the agent, but ask them some detailed questions to get the truth. A negative response right away is a huge red flag. Make sure to ask if they would hire that agent again for their next home-buying process.

Years of Service

It’s possible to find good real estate agents who have only been in the business for a few years and others who have been in it for decades with disappointed clients. Experience is not the best indication of reliability. However, it still is helpful to consider their years of experience as criteria for selection as a veteran agent is expected to be well-equipped to handle any unusual paperwork or glitch in the system. Also, how many deals they’ve closed in the previous years can show how well they know their business.

Available resources up the sleeve

Closing a home purchase transaction is a lengthy procedure that involves the completion of multiple stages of paperwork. Routine tasks involving loan providers, developer companies, repairmen, inspectors, movers, and other service providers demand timely and efficient management. Most people are not suited to handle all of these. The potential real estate agents, on the other hand, must have a wide network of contacts and resources at their disposal.

Interview the potential agents

A real estate agent’s attitude, expertise, preferred method of communication, and availability may all be learned through an interview. The agent will also be able to better grasp your wants, expectations, and budget by having a conversation with you. However, you shouldn’t hire the first agent you meet. With various agents, you will be able to compare in order to choose the right person for your needs. When interviewing multiple agents, ask the same questions and analyze their replies. It’s a good idea to note down any questions you have ahead of time.

An efficient method of communication

An agent’s mode of communication is one of the most important factors to consider while hiring one. It is essential that you maintain regular contact with your agent to seal your deal successfully. Discuss how frequently you can expect to hear from the agent and how they will keep you updated. You and the agent may not be a good match if you prefer email while the agent responds better to phone conversations. Furthermore, if you know you’re going to have frequent queries and want answers quickly, but the agent usually only calls or emails very rarely, you might want to look for someone else. If you like to communicate mostly by text and plan to see properties after regular office hours on weekdays, look for an agent who is flexible enough to do that for you.

Determine their availability

Acquiring a property is a lengthy process that demands hours outside of the regular office hours. The heavy workloads associated with finding and securing a good deal require a significant amount of effort. Hence, it all comes down to how much time they can commit to your individual demands. So, find an agent with a team of assistants to help complete the job.

Listen to your instincts

Within the first few minutes of meeting someone, most people develop a sense of whether or not they will get along with them. Avoid using a real estate agent if you have a bad feeling about him despite the fact that everything checks out. As buying a home is a huge deal to you, it’s critical that you hire an agent with whom you have a strong sense of trust and confidence. Follow your instincts. An agent who just cares about the commission rather than the deal’s success should be ruled out from consideration.


In a competitive housing market, a skilled real estate agent can help you find the perfect home at the right price while staying on schedule and within your budget. A qualified real estate agent is more than simply someone who can get you the best bargain possible such as a deal with Mir Real Estate in this buzzing city of Dhaka. If you’re looking for someone to assist you through the home-buying process, choose someone whom you can rely on to be trustworthy, and competent, and to provide you with professional guidance.


Is it really necessary to hire a real estate agent?

Ans: Of course. Real estate agents are worth your time and consideration. The key to a stress-free and successful home-buying experience is working with a real estate agent who has the expertise to guide you through the process.

How can you choose between two top real estate agents?

Ans: Relying on client reviews both online and offline is the best method to choose between potential real estate agents.

How can you be sure that your prospective real estate candidate will provide you with top-notch service?

Ans: Invest time and do proper homework before hiring a real estate agent. Signing a contract with a reputed real estate agent can guarantee top-notch service.

Do real estate agents assist in completing your paperwork?

Ans: Real estate agents can help you handle all the documentation in the home buying process, including lease deed, survey records, registry copy, and mutation certificate, among other requirements. Before assigning an agent you should check the essential real estate terms.

How can you know if someone is a trustworthy real estate agent?

Ans: Read client reviews and follow your instinct, and do not forget to sign a contract while hiring a real estate agent. A reputed real estate agent can be a trustworthy ally in making your dream of owning a home come true.

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