06 February 2022

Why Do You Need Real Estate Agent to Buy a House in Dhaka

The concept of ‘home’ refers to much more than merely a place to live. Home represents a safe place filled with love, hope, and solace. All beings have an innate desire to build a home for themselves, where they can share comfort and warmth with loved ones. Humans are no exception in this regard. The journey towards purchasing your own house can be a thrilling as well as a joyful one.

The urbanization era has resulted in a trend of people preferring to live in towns and cities with much more amenities and work prospects. As a consequence, cities are rapidly becoming congested, resulting in a variety of challenges, including housing issues. For instance, in our country, the capital city Dhaka provides a wide range of opportunities in every fundamental domain, such as employment, education, housing, healthcare, entertainment, and social life in general. Unsurprisingly, Dhaka is the ultimate destination for those looking for a better and more contemporary lifestyle, causing the city to become overcrowded. So, living in a densely packed city like Dhaka comes with its own set of challenges. Finding a perfect place to live and calling that ‘home’ can be a real challenge here. Businesses in the real estate industry have experienced significant growth as a response to this issue.

Real estate firms assist people in purchasing, selling, or renting real estates, such as lands, buildings, and houses in particular. In return for a commission, a real estate mediator generally provides dedicated sales and marketing support to aspiring real estate owners. The mediator is commonly referred to as a real estate agent or a real estate representative. Since urbanization has made it quite difficult to find an appropriate and affordable house in Dhaka, a real estate agent comes as the savior.

The necessity of a real estate agent in Dhaka

Buying an apartment in Dhaka on your own might invite several difficulties. For example, it is definitely going to be very time-consuming since the city is quite enormous. Furthermore, knowledge about an area’s surroundings and the neighborhood is difficult to gain in a short period of time. Then comes the negotiation for price and lengthy paperwork, both of which are difficult to manage single-handedly. For a city dweller, it is already quite challenging to juggle between work and personal life. Amidst this, the additional effort required to manage time to look for housing might be a major nuisance. Buying a home of one’s own can be considered a very significant and cherished moment in life, and such complications should not be dealt with. Hence, hiring a local real estate agent for handling all these responsibilities is unquestionably a wise decision.

  • Accessibility to property-listings

One of the primary objectives of a real estate agent is to connect prospective buyers and sellers. They have extensive knowledge of the available houses for purchase, and employing a real estate agent can keep you updated on the information of prospective housing. Buying a home in a city like Dhaka becomes a lot more flexible if the task of finding the perfect property is assigned to a real estate agent.

  • Understanding the market

In Dhaka’s existing housing market, searching for home totally on your own is indeed a full-time job. Although the internet has offered many excellent alternatives in this sort of situation, a skilled real estate agent can help you find a property within your budget since they have access to more choices. This includes properties that have not yet been advertised or are only available for sale by the owner. Additionally, a real estate agent has access to pocket listings of many wealthy homeowners who prefer not to disclose their identities publicly. So, with the assistance of a real estate professional, finding the desired property in the current market can be simpler than ever.

  • Expertise in negotiation

Having no prior experience dealing with property deals might be a significant disadvantage when buying a house in Dhaka. Consultancy of expert real estate agents is an absolute necessity in such cases. It’s an unpleasant fact, but the interaction between buyers and sellers isn’t always smooth sailing. When a real estate agent is involved, he acts as a negotiator in this type of setting, relaying both parties’ concerns without initiating any undesirable situations. Agents understand how to make enticing proposals when to be tough, and when to back off. This knowledge comes in handy in areas where property values fluctuate greatly from block to block – or in seller’s markets. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, your agent can help you avoid rookie blunders like missing the home inspection or revealing too much personal information, which can give away your negotiation power. Licensed real estate agents are well-versed in the industry and know how to negotiate the best bargain in the market. 

  • Time-saving experience 

A real estate agent will guide you in finding properties for sale that match your preferences and the budget range since they have access to more diverse and dynamic options. They will handle all of the paperwork and negotiations, allowing you to rest throughout the process. You won’t have to invest your valuable time and effort in house-seeking, and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the process of owning your first home.

  • Knowledge about important documents 

Buying a flat in Dhaka involves tons of paperwork and documentation, including lease deed, survey records, registry copy, and mutation certificate, among other requirements. The general public is unfamiliar with the majority of this paperwork, which is another major drawback of buying a flat entirely on one’s own. However, real estate agents working in this industry are skilled at maintaining essential documentation. When a difficulty arises concerning these documents, they know how to fix it properly. Finding a real estate agent to handle necessary documentation can minimize your home buying stress in half. 

  • Finding budget-friendly housing

Everyone who wants to purchase their own house must have made significant sacrifices to get to this point in life. So, spending your fortune on a property must be planned and executed with budget constraints in mind. In a city like Dhaka, with so many options, it is difficult to choose an apartment that fits your needs while staying within your budget. Real estate agents better understand these scenarios since they are experts in the sector and know exactly what kind of apartment to purchase based on a person’s budget. You may save valuable money and effort by simply hiring them and making them aware of your budget restrictions.

Mir Real Estate realizes the dream of its clients. Being a leader in the industry, they provide their clients with the best budget-friendly design where people will feel the warmth and comfort of a luxurious and spacious home.

  • Finding a suitable neighborhood

You should properly inspect the area where you want to buy a house in Dhaka before you start looking for one. To make the right decision, facilities for educational institutions, markets, recreation, and the cultural and social characteristics of the area, must be considered beforehand. Who else than real estate professionals can answer all of your questions? Agents have in-depth knowledge of the communities in which the properties are located and can provide you with information that will assist you in making the best choice.

  • Understanding the real estate terms

When it comes to buying a property, every detail is important, and understanding all real estate terminologies is essential. Because most of the words are unfamiliar to the general public, real estate agents once again come to the rescue. A real estate agent helps you understand all of those technical terms, allowing you to make an informed decision that will make the buying process go more smoothly.

  • Rescuing you from being cheated

When selling a property, the owner makes sure that the property is appealing and in good condition in order to speed up the sale and attract more customers. Prior to making a purchase of a home, buyers also tend to inspect the property thoroughly. However, there may be faults in the property you don’t know about as a buyer that isn’t visible on the site, which may lead to problems later. This is another reason why you need to hire a real estate agent. A good real estate agent knows how to find out possible issues and help the buyers avoid being caught in a scam. 

  • After-sales service

While buying a flat in Dhaka, it might feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders after you are done with all the paperwork. Well, it’s highly possible that it won’t always be the case. Even after completing all the paperwork, there may be a slew of queries such as taxes, government difficulties, invoicing, and so on. A real estate agent can help you to even get past this stage.

  • Leveraging free service

The services of real estate agents are sometimes provided at no cost to the clients. The agent who represents both the buyer and the seller is often paid by the seller directly. Despite the fact that this is not the case in every deal out there, it is an actual possibility for first-time buyers to get guidance from agents without having to worry about the expense.


Your house will always be a refuge of comfort and warmth for you and your family. The decision to buy a home is a critical one, and owning a home in a city like Dhaka is one of the most difficult obstacles you will face. Without any doubt, the importance of a real estate agent in the process of buying a house in Dhaka cannot be emphasized enough. Taking help from a real estate agent might not feel obligatory for many people, but it is definitely a necessity for the buyers who want to make sure every single step of their valuable process is done correctly. So to make your home-buying experience a smooth and memorable one, do not think twice about consulting a real state agent.


Do I need a real estate agent to buy a home?

Ans: Certainly. Purchasing a property in Dhaka may be a time-consuming and stressful endeavor. A real estate agent can assist you in obtaining the best possible deal with the least amount of trouble.

Is spending on a real estate agent worth it?

Ans: A real estate agent can negotiate the best bargain for you, saving you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Will a real estate agent handle all of my paperwork?

Ans: Without a doubt. Real estate agents are well-suited to handle all of your paperwork from beginning to end of the home-buying process.

Is it possible to get a free consultation from a real estate agent?

Ans: The availability of free consultation services from real estate agents is made possible by several real estate firms in Dhaka.

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