28 June 2022

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent When Investing in Property

The main purpose of any type of investment is to yield the best possible return and generate cash…


26 June 2022

Best Real Estate Agent/Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

It is safe to assume that since you are reading this article right now, you may well be…


19 June 2022

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Bangladesh?

Buying property in Bangladesh may have been on your radar for quite some time. Bangladesh's economic potential is…


31 May 2022

Advantages of Living in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, situated in the geographic center of Bangladesh and serving as the nation's capital, is literally the beating…


23 May 2022

Best Places to Live in Dhaka for a First Time Visitor

If you are moving to a new city, one of the first things you need to ensure before…


18 May 2022

Is Real Estate a Good Investment in Bangladesh?

People usually put their savings into different areas where they think they can get a good return in…


16 May 2022

How to Decide to Sell Your House in Dhaka

It is a dream for any home seller to have a stress-free sale in which they simply advertise…


24 March 2022

Expert Qualities That Make a Good Real Estate Agent

As the real estate industry is booming, the market is also expanding. As the real estate market is…


16 March 2022

A Seller’s Guide to Property Disclosure in Dhaka

Selling a house is just as complex as buying a house. If you want to sell your apartment…


13 March 2022

The Property Valuation Process of Real Estate Agents in Bangladesh

Whether we want to buy or sell a real estate property, we need to know the actual value…


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